Children affected by conflict in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) can feel miserably lonely and vulnerable. With Family of Jesus, a new live prayer and worship show, SAT-7 KIDS shows these and other isolated young people that with Christ, they never have to be alone.

Across the MENA, children are in crisis. Conflicts in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq have left one in five in need of humanitarian help. In Syria alone, the war has displaced 2.6 million children, forcing many to become refugees. As the violence there intensified in the first two months of 2018, 1,000 Syrian children were reportedly killed or injured[1].


With many families separated and parents dealing with their own trauma, children affected by these events may struggle to cope with their suffering all by themselves.

Feelings of isolation can trouble children in peacetime, too, especially when they are part of a minority group. Children from Christian families who have no church to attend often feel isolated within their communities. And when financial pressure forces parents to work longer and longer hours, their children may be left feeling anxious and unsupported.


The new program Family of Jesus shows lonely children that they can have a loving, intimate relationship with a Heavenly Father who will never leave them. Through prayer, worship, and drama segments, the show also gives young Christian viewers the biblical knowledge they need to understand their true identity in Christ.

By showing children they are loved and valued, SAT-7 KIDS hopes to help them avoid the long-term negative consequences of childhood loneliness. Family of Jesus also encourages children to play a positive role in their communities, to pray for their countries, and appreciate diversity.

“We believe that children’s hearts are good soil for God’s Word. Family of Jesus can help bring an enormous change in their lives and, in turn, lead to radical change in their communities,” says Producer John Adly.


The colourful show is presented by a team of young worship leaders, who take live calls and messages from viewers. It also includes interviews recorded in children’s own homes, and special episodes are broadcasted from churches in different Egyptian cities.

Planned topics include “God’s healing love”, “God sees me as his precious treasure”, and “Feeling safe in a frightening world”. The show features guests who share their experience of a particular struggle in their lives and pray for viewers going through the same thing.


Viewer feedback on other SAT-7 children’s programs has demonstrated the powerful impact of showing children they are part of God’s family. For example, a young girl in Iran wrote:

“I have never received the amount of care from my own family that I have been receiving from you guys… Thank you God that even if I don’t have any earthly family, I have God’s family.”

[1] Source for all statistics: UNICEF

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