In more good news for the thriving SAT-7 KIDS channel, the number of viewers getting in touch grew by 32 percent in 2018. In their many thousands of comments, children and parents reveal how SAT-7 KIDS has helped them grow and flourish.

“Because of you, our daughter loves Jesus so much. And through your channel, she learned that God made her special. She trusts Him so much… You are truly a big blessing in every Christian family. You are the voice of God in our homes.”

These words from Naglaa, a Christian mother in Egypt, perfectly illustrate SAT-7 KIDS’ aim: to be the voice of God’s love for children in the Middle East and North Africa.


In a turbulent region, children dearly need to hear this voice – many for the first time. Those from Christian minorities need fellowship, and all children need guidance to develop positive values.

In 2018, more than 38,000 viewers contacted SAT-7 KIDS, with many sharing how the channel has changed their lives. The surge in comments reflects a strong response to SAT-7 KIDS’ Facebook page, where the channel is now live-streaming some programs.

SAT-7 KIDS’ Facebook posts were displayed an amazing 16 million times in 2018, and the number of comments received has grown by 51 percent.

Presenters Keana, Joyce, and Joy are making strong connections with viewers of guessing-game Bible-teaching show A Riddle and a Story.

Encouragingly, many viewer comments praise new live shows.

Family of Jesus is an amazing program. You helped me come back to Jesus and spend quality time with Him,” says Amal, a teenager in Egypt.

Parents approve, too. “The genius of A Riddle and a Story is that it encourages children’s thinking,” Amira writes. “And Family of Jesus is beautiful … It helps kids to know that we are all one family in Jesus Christ.”

And Shereen from Sudan shares that amazingly, her non-Christian friends follow Family of Jesus – so closely that they have memorised the theme tune.

Many viewers responded to worship program Family of Jesus.

Many viewers, such as new believer Haleem, turn to SAT-7 KIDS for spiritual support after watching.

Haleem prayed for the first time to ask for healing for his son, who then became well.

“I believe in Jesus Christ,” he writes. “I’m writing to you to help me learn more as I don’t know what I should do. Could you help me, please?”


For many, the channel’s support makes all the difference. Mother-of-two Iman writes:

“Four years ago, you suggested I write out prayers and memorise Bible verses. Guess what… I discovered a real experience and a good relationship with God… Thank you for your precious advice.”


Some children, like Celine, get in touch to ask for their very own Bible.

“I’d like to thank Rita [Presenter of Bedtime Stories] very much for this precious gift. I really appreciate it … I’m going to read the Bible every day,” the Syrian girl writes.

For others, SAT-7 KIDS is the difference between isolation and fellowship. “I love you, and I love Christ,” says Abanob. “Can I be friends with you? Because I am alone in Yemen. All my friends left me because I love Christ.”

And Lina from Egypt says:

“From the first time I watched SAT-7 KIDS, I loved you … I am now 18 years old, and I still don’t get bored. I feel you are my second family. When my family were too busy to teach me about Jesus, you did. No words can express my love for you.”


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