Pictured above are Mayyar (13) and Mo (14). They are Palestinian brothers who’ve grown up in a refugee settlement in Lebanon. Divorce led to a broken family, so their grandmother raised them. They have not seen their mother for nine years and their father for ten.

They have not seen their mother for nine years and their father for ten. Both their parents have remarried, settled down with new families, and now live far away in Germany and Jordan.

To cope with their struggles, Mayyar and Mo have taught themselves to breakdance. It gives them an escape from the harsh reality they face every day. It distracts them from missing their parents.


“I am afraid to die before I see my mother,” says Mayyar.


No child should be made to feel alone. No child should have to try to escape their reality. Please pray that these brothers will one day be reunited with their parents.

SAT-7 KIDS broadcasts 24/7 to tell children that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them and will never abandon them. SAT-7 KIDS airs programs that encourage children out of school to keep learning, series to help those experiencing trauma be able to cope, and interactive shows to give them the freedom to express themselves – just to be children.

We help brothers and sisters like Mayyar and Mo find support in a family of people who care. It is a family of over 21.5 million people who invest in one other to uplift, provide hope, and show Christ’s love.

SAT-7 KIDS is a lifeline of hope for countless Arab children across the Middle East and North Africa. Consider donating today to help children like Mayyar and Mo know they are not forgotten.

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