A special episode titled “I’m loved” of the worship program Keep on Singing featured the Heart of Jesus children’s choir. The episode was well-received by viewers who sent comments to the show to commend the children and the program for the special message shared on God’s love and acceptance.

God’s message of love and acceptance is a message that no viewer can ever tire of hearing. In a region where guilt, shame and condemnation are often engrained in the minds and hearts of people from a young age, SAT-7’s viewers thirst for hearing again and again about God’s love, grace and mercy through various programs.

The special episode of SAT-7 ARABIC praise and worship program Keep on Singing featured the children’s choir Heart of Jesus from Minya, Egypt.

The children were led in praise by hymn singer Reda Galeel who shared:

“Our message in this episode is for young viewers to know and believe that they are loved and accepted as they are, no matter what rejection they are facing at school or at home.”

The children sang songs such as “He loves me as I am”, “I may be small but my God is big” and “Jesus is wonderful”.

Young choir member Katy shared: “When someone gives their lives to the Lord, the Lord does His will in that person’s life.”

Presenter Ihab Farouk spoke out to Sunday School teachers encouraging them to help children in their journey of accepting Jesus Christ in their hearts.

Reda Galeel also commented, saying, “I have learned through experience that children can be with us one day and not the next day. One of the children in my class passed away tragically before accepting Christ as his Saviour. I realised the important of the role as a Sunday School leader to help young ones understand Christ’s love for them.”


Challenges facing children in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are increasing. From domestic violence, bullying at school, to random terrorist attacks. Children are vulnerable and lack the ability to express themselves, the pain they are experiencing and need our guidance to open to Christ’s healing message.

“Children are the future. They can be light for their families and even lead their parents to know Christ more,” shares Producer Andrew Gamal. “This episode was significant as it stressed the importance of a child’s faith. A strong faith in Christ can help a child have a fruitful and blessed life and be able to face its challenges with more confidence in God and feel His protection.”

A viewer sent a comment to the program saying, “May the Lord bless your wonderful teaching and use those wonderful children for the glory of His name, to be light for everyone around them.”

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