Start from Here is a program that shakes off old stereotypes for a more healthy and constructive future for women in the Arab world. 

For years, efforts have been made to improve the situation and rights of women in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) by various organisations and governments. However, many women across the region remain ignorant of their rights to combat destructive practices enforced by society.

A strong collaboration
The Arab Woman Today Foundation in Jordan teamed up with SAT-7 to record the third season of Start from Here. The program’s new season focuses on confronting stereotypes that have shaped women’s lives in society. They tackle these negative cultural beliefs with Scripture and explain how God sees women.

Breaking away from old views
The vision of the three presenters, Yara, Martina, and Basma, is to firstly help women realise that their lives have been framed by rigid roles and harmful masculinities, and secondly to reconcile with themselves and God, to begin a change in society.



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