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Wherever you live in the world, there is an easy way for you to help refugees and others who are far from home. SAT-7’s new “How to Watch” cards enable Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish-speaking people to reconnect with their home countries, hear about God’s love, and discover new hope.

Imagine being separated from your family, your friends, and all that you have worked for. Perhaps you were forced to flee and leave it all behind. How would you feel? Vulnerable refugees are often tired, grieving, and searching for a last glimmer of hope to sustain them.

Today, you can help some of the world’s 21.3 million refugees find the hope for the future that they desperately need. Through SAT-7’s different “How to Watch” cards, you can also help others in your community who speak Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish discover a comforting connection to their own countries and languages.


SAT-7 broadcasts many programs that offer refugees help and renewed hope. These include a wide variety of Christian programs for all ages as well as bite-sized medical information segments and talk shows addressing issues such as trauma. There is even an “on-air school” for Arab children who cannot get to a physical classroom, or who may now be in the West but still need to receive at least some teaching in their own language, or English lessons for Arabic speakers.

Tara*, an Iranian refugee in Germany, writes:

“I truly love your network, for it is my only companion in this foreign place. I’m grateful to God that I have a TV 
and am able to watch and learn.”

We have already distributed thousands of “How to Watch” cards across Europe to help displaced Middle Easterners like Tara. The postcards are helping individuals and families watch SAT-7’s holistic, life-changing, Christian programming via television, web streaming, or phone apps.


You can download and print the “How to Watch” cards in different languages, for different audiences by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button below. You can also request printed cards for various audiences by filling out and clicking the ORDER button. You can make such a difference simply by distributing the cards among your neighbours or through local churches, community centres, charity shops, and cafés so that more people will be able to watch our Christian programming.

Today, you can help refugees access SAT-7. Today, you can give them hope.

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