As pandemic restrictions begin to ease in Turkey, the SAT-7 TÜRK team reflect on the past year; sharing how they overcame obstacles by working together and trusting in God’s faithfulness to continue to share God’s love with viewers in Turkey. 

Lockdown was a challenging time for all of us, and still is for some. We had to close our office in Istanbul for several days.  We were all worried; not just about the future of the pandemic, but about how to keep our channel going.  

The pandemic created obstacles for many aspects of our lives, but people needed our help more than ever. Never before did we receive so much feedback from viewers and subscribers who wanted to know about Jesus and Christianity. They felt hopeless and said that the only thing that kept them going was the programs and videos we broadcast and posted online. They needed to hear the Good News; about the unique love and compassion God has towards us, His children. They wanted to pray to a God whom they could call “Baba” (father). And that is exactly what we tried to give them during these tough times, with smiling faces and hearts. 

Our staff and program hosts worked relentlessly. Whether from the studios or from home, they continued to excitedly share God’s love with our it from the studios, or from home.  











Whether working from the studio, office, or home, SAT-7 TÜRK staff continued to share God’s love and grace with their viewers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, via live broadcasts and social media

As SAT-7 TÜRK Executive Director, Melih Ekener informed staff that the office would have to be closed, many of us protested and wanted to come and work regardless and we worked harder than ever. This is the kind of family are. This love of serving God is what keeps us strong. And we will keep fighting against hopelessness, as God is with us.  

Please continue to pray for our staff, as we always pray for you. May God protect our SAT-7 family and use us always to do His work.  

With Blessings,  

The SAT-7 TÜRK team


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