A new program, Who Am I?, reaches out to Algerian women, helping them to draw encouragement, and enrich their relationship with Christ, through stories of women in the Bible. The latest episode featured a story of a woman who sinned and felt condemned, until she experienced God’s mercy and forgiveness.

Women in North Africa often suffer from isolation, sometimes not able to leave their home. Many who have given their lives to Christ have no access to church. Others are also illiterate, never having been allowed to go to school. Even if they could have access to a Bible, they wouldn’t be able to read it. The only way for them to access information is through television, and their only hope to nurture their new-found faith is through Christian programming being broadcasted in their language.


Who Am I?, a new program in Kabyle dialect on SAT-7 ARABIC speaks to the hearts of Algerian women by helping them relate to different women in the Bible. Each 10-minute episode features a story in the form of a riddle of a woman. Viewers are challenged to figure out the character in the riddle and can send their guesses via email or phone number, which is displayed on the screen. In the last few minutes of the episode, Presenter Atika gives a spiritual reflection on the lessons learned from the life of the character discussed.


The latest episode featured a riddle about Bathsheba, the woman that king David committed adultery with, impregnated and sent her husband to war to be killed. The episode ended with the Presenter discussing the moral of the story: that God forgave Bathsheba when she repented, and her son Solomon became king.

“No matter how great our sin is, we must always go back to Him and ask for His forgiveness,” shared Atika. “Never doubt God’s mercy. Liberate yourself of the feelings of guilt and enjoy God’s freedom. You are a white page to God, once you repent.”

The program is produced by Agape Media for SAT-7 ARABIC and began airing in August 2019.


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