Darab* and Afsoon*, from Afghanistan, were disillusioned with life and religion until they came across SAT-7 PARS’ Biblical teaching programs and gained a whole new perspective.

Darab*, a young man in his thirties, has been watching programs on the SAT-7 PARS network for some months. He is married with children and works hard to support his family. Although he has not had the benefit of secondary school education, he finds time to read books so as to be better informed.

He explains: “I have worked since I was eight years old and I have never experienced happiness in my life. I have researched religion thoroughly and enjoy reading books. For some time, I was with an extremist group and then separated myself from them.”


Afsoon* is a young woman living in a different part of Afghanistan.  “Life had no particular meaning or value to me,” she shares candidly. “I was tired of life, always feeling alone and isolated. Although I had a husband and children, life was of no interest to me.

“I felt unsafe and insecure. I had made no progress in my life and although I prayed, fasted, and read religious books, I was never able escape loneliness. I was permanently depressed and in conflict with my husband and children.”


Watching teaching programs on SAT-7 PARS enabled Afsoon and Darab to hear about Jesus and come to believe in Him. This is already producing fruit in the lives of these young believers: “I want to know Christianity through experience,” says Dareb. “I want to get away from hate and immoral things. After watching your programs, I felt so good and got in touch with two of the Afghan programs on SAT-7 PARS.”

Afsoon has also experienced a life-changing transformation: “Ever since I gave my life to Jesus things have changed. I have inner peace. I feel safe and I feel able to look forward, to make progress and to have a good and peaceful life.”

Yet there is some sadness in the midst of the joy. Embracing faith in Jesus is fraught with risk in a country such as Afghanistan. As Darab shares: “I am not able to openly declare, even to my wife and children, that I am a Christian. I hope that with the passing of time I will be able to be a good pastor to my family and friends.”

Darab’s desire is to live a life that shows love and kindness “so that in the future I can help guide the lives of my children, wife and friends.”

*All names have been changed for security purposes.

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