Afia*, a Christian mother in Afghanistan, reached out in response to the hopeful messages on SAT-7 PARS’ program Golden Advice: Jungle of Golpand. Afia says that since the Taliban regained control of the country, six months ago, as a Christian and a woman she is “isolated as though diseased” – and yet she is sustained by Christ. Please pray for Afia and her children as you read her story.

“My sister Ahu* and I are believers. By the grace of God we love Jesus Christ, and it is by Christ that we live. Where we are is not all that great, and although we live here and are alone, we have faith that the Lord Jesus Christ will one day cast His light over us.

I happened to see your program because of my kids. Ahu and I really enjoyed your program today, and as we watched, we wished that one day we too will be among believers, able to go to church, and free to teach our children how to pray. This is our wish.

Our children are still very young – each of us has three children. Please pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will help our children so that one day they will be among other believers worshipping Him, which we have been unable to do. We will be very happy to know you are praying for our children.

My father is a believer, as was my mother, but sadly she passed away when I was young. Because of the Taliban takeover, my father has gone to Pakistan. My father married another woman, and because she doesn’t like us, she didn’t allow me and my sister to leave Afghanistan with him, and so we remain here on our own.

Please don’t broadcast my voice on television, because we can’t tell people about our faith here and we can’t tell them that we are following the only true path. But our God is great. He is great, and I believe that one day He will remove us from among these people [the Taliban], who are very harsh.

We are isolated, and all we can do is to look up to Him for help. Please pray for our children.”

*Names changed for security purposes. Image is representational

About Golden Advice: Jungle of Golpand

Presented by Elena, a young Iranian girl, and her animal companions in the “Jungle of Golpand”,  SAT-7 PARS program Golpand is primarily for children aged 4-10, but as Afia’s testimony shows, it can speak to all ages. It teaches viewers core biblical values through interactive games, educational segments, and drama sketches. Vibrant sets and engaging music entertain the young viewers, while the games connect isolated children to one another and to the wider Christian family. The games and educational segments are designed to help children understand the Word of God and how they can apply it in their day-to-day lives.

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