The Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan earlier this year left the world reeling with shock and fear. In response, Afghan pastor and SAT-7 presenter Shoaib Ebadi turned to the Lord’s Prayer for his country and its Church. Today, simply join him in his prayer:

Your Kingdom come in Afghanistan. Your Kingdom come in the hearts of people there. Your reign come in that forbidding land.

Your will be done in our lives, and your will be done in the lives of Afghans. Your will is for us to know Jesus and for us to live in peace. Lord, I pray that everlasting peace through the Lord Jesus will be established in Afghanistan.

With a heavy heart, I say that we forgive the Taliban. You know how heavy our hearts are, but this is Your command. I pray that you reveal yourself in your son Jesus Christ, reveal yourself to them so that they turn from killing and violence. Lord, this is heavy on our hearts, but we give it into your hand.

Lord, I pray that you establish your Church in Afghanistan. I pray that thousands will come to know you, and that you use the believers in every province as salt and light – to love, to forgive, and to bring your peace.

Lord, we give this land, this land, into your hand. Have mercy on the people of Afghanistan. In the name of Jesus,


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