16-year-old Tia presents Chato, a comedy and drama programme on SAT-7’s children’s channel. She attends Kasr El-Dobara, a thriving evangelical church in Cairo’s city centre. Here, she shares her heart for SAT-7’s young viewers – that as they watch, they will truly understand Jesus’ love for them:

I enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit at my church. There are songs we sing each year to remind us that Jesus was born for each and every one of us. I’m a presenter

on SAT-7, and it’s a joy to share Jesus’ love with our young viewers to help them understand this truth too.

Some children don’t really understand what Christmas is about. On Chato, we do a special Christmas episode each year to help them experience the joy of the season, and make sure that every child knows that Jesus loves them so much and came for a reason. We give them Bible verses to memorise so they can learn His Word and be part of His family.

My prayer for our viewers and people my age is that they always remember that life isn’t about social media or the many distractions we have. It’s all about Jesus. He is the only source of joy, fulfilment and peace. If we put our focus on Him, I believe we will be a generation that brings His love to the whole world. I want everyone to hear about Jesus – I pray
I will always be hungry and thirsty for Him and will always have this fire burning inside me.


  • Thank God for Tia’s passion for showing children the true meaning of Christmas.
  • Pray that as children watch Chato and other children’s programmes on SAT-7 this Christmas, they will experience Jesus’ love and become part of God’s family.
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