For one week in late autumn, the crocus fields of Iran turn pale purple, heralding the arrival of the saffron harvest. Per gram, the fragrant flower’s saffron threads are worth more than pure gold.

Mehrad, a viewer of SAT-7’s Persian channel, feels his senses heighten in anticipation during this change in seasons – it’s a sign that Christmas Day is near.

“Strange how in these final days of autumn as we head into winter, we catch the scent of flowers and musk as we sense the Lord approaching. In place of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, I wish I could go and take flowers to Bethlehem.

“Blessings in advance on the occasion of the birth of our Lord to all my brothers and sisters in the world, and the beloved at SAT-7 PARS. You are chosen of the Lord to reach the people with His message.”

Despite not having a church family or even knowing any other Christians, through SAT-7 Mehrad has learned of something far more valuable than saffron or gold – the gift of God, Jesus Christ, drawing near


  • What sights and smells make you feel like Christmas is approaching?
  • Pray that even without a church fellowship, lone believers like Mehrad will have a strong sense of God drawing near to them this Christmas.
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