The Maronite Church is the largest denomination in Lebanon. Since it was founded by St Maroun in the fifth century, the indigenous Maronite Christians have remained faithful to Christ through invasion, occupation, war and persecution.

In the six Sundays leading up to Christmas Day, Maronites celebrate the “Season of Announcements”. The season culminates in nine days of consecutive prayer to prepare for the Lord’s birth. We invite you to join in a prayer which will be read in Maronite churches today, translated from the original Syriac to English, below. Why not try kneeling and reading the prayer out loud, like the congregation will during today’s service?


“O Hope of the Fathers and Expectation of the People, through your birth you have given us hope. By the sweetness of your hope, you have drawn the shepherds, the Magi, and all who believe in your holy name to give the adoration that is due to you.

“Keep us, by your grace, from attachment to earthly things, from false reliance on our personal works, and from unnecessary worries. May we rely only on your fatherly direction and your divine providence. Draw our hearts and minds to contemplate on heavenly gifts, so that we may place all our desires only on them. Amen.”

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