Lebanon’s people are enduring the hardest period since their civil war and an estimated 78% have fallen into poverty. Into this hopelessness, Father Ramzi Jreij, host of Is it Important to Be Christian?, shares an encouragement from Jesus’ words about a time of great tribulation:

In the Bible, Jesus tells us about difficult times: “The stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken” (Mark 13:25).

Lift your heads and stand up straight. During these times, a person’s normal reaction would be to hunker down and hide. But we pray to the Lord for the Christians of Lebanon and all Christians of the world, especially in Lebanon where many “stars” are falling around us, asking for His strength to not fear or hunker down or run away or hide or be unfaithful to Him. 

Lord, give us the grace to see that you are close to us in these times. Give us the strength to stand in faith, hope and love to lift our heads towards you our Saviour, and await your coming. Amen.


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    Join his prayer, that Christians around the world will be strong in faith as we await Jesus’ coming.

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