After an unusual Christmas last year, many of us are longing to celebrate with our church family again this year. Here, SAT-7 TÜRK’s Annamaria Cedolin reflects on discovering the real essence of Christmas:

Last year, we celebrated Christmas at home. Our film crew bravely volunteered to film the Christmas mass, so that everyone could still watch. SAT-7 TÜRK’s church broadcasts were so very precious for all Christians in Turkey – the Church was literally in our houses as we worshipped.

Whilst there was sadness at not meeting together, we felt like God wanted us to reflect on what really mattered. We didn’t need fancy buildings, we didn’t need a room full of hundreds of people. The Holy Spirit was gracious enough to visit us in our humble homes. 

If you think about it, our God was born in a manger, with Mary and Joseph by his side – a tiny family, yet such a wonderful miracle. And most of us were like this too. Small families, gathered around their televisions, sitting by their Christmas trees and worshipping – imagining the scene of Christ’s birth. Can you imagine what it meant for us to feel as if Jesus was born into each and every one of our homes? Hallelujah!

This Christmas though, I believe it will be more joyful then ever! To see one another again, to be able to kneel at the altar, to smell the incense, to be able to sing together in worship. I cannot wait to tell you all about it!


Pray that Christians in Turkey and around the world will be able to celebrate Christmas together again this year with renewed appreciation, joy and jubilation.

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