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What is making the invisible visible?

Thanks to our network of satellite television channels, studios, presenters and programs, we have the opportunity to make the very heart of the Christian faith visible to millions of people across the Middle East and North Africa.


Through the power of satellite television, SAT-7 makes the Gospel of Jesus Christ visible to millions of people who might otherwise never encounter it. These first encounters with the story of Jesus – and with those who follow Him – often leave a lasting, life-changing impression.


SAT-7 provides Christians across the region – whether they are part of a large church, a small church, or no church – the chance to be encouraged and inspired in their faith. For many, our programs are a lifeline of spiritual support in the midst of everyday circumstances.


Through bold programming, SAT-7 sensitively addresses often controversial social issues. Disability, ethnic discrimination, drug abuse, limited educational opportunities, the treatment of women, and children’s rights are all topics of conversation that need to be had. Above all, we believe that every human has been created in the image of God and deserves the chance to be seen in this light.