A Voice For Prayer, Peace, And Progress In Lebanon

As weeks of anti-government protests brought their country to a standstill, Lebanon’s church leaders united to join the call for basic rights. Amid the crisis, SAT-7 ARABIC is a powerful platform for Lebanese Christians – and they are encouraging each other to pray, to be peaceful role models, and to stand up for their beliefs.

“We understand your movement and hear your cry,” the leaders of Lebanon’s Catholic, Orthodox, and evangelical churches assured protestors in a statement on 23 October. “We support your demands and will not accept that your dreams be lost.” In their statement, church leaders pressed the government to respond to protestors’ demands for full civic rights.


On the ground, SAT-7 ARABIC covered the protests in a series of live programs called Cry of a Nation, which included reports and discussion about the situation, and possibilities for the future.

Following this series, the channel broadcast a special sermon, live from Resurrection Church in Beirut, on 27 October. Taking place on Reformation Sunday, the message was on believers’ responsibility to their country at this time of change.

In his sermon, Pastor Hikmat Kashouh told Christians that their first responsibility is to pray. “We pray to show that we trust in the Lord,” he said. “We pray for protection over God’s people, the protesters, the poor and needy. We pray for the will of God to be done in our country.”

He continued to add that “Christians must be role models in seeking justice and defending the powerless. They should peacefully resist when those in authority behave unethically, they should reject unfair laws and challenge corruption.”

SAT-7 ARABIC is ensuring the voice of the local Church is heard at a time when daily activities, including church attendance, have been disrupted.


Even as some of the capital’s roads have cleared, Lebanon remains in political chaos. Nevertheless, SAT-7 ARABIC viewers remain hopeful and continue to trust in God. Responding to a prayer for Lebanon on the worship program Keep on Singing, Samar shared her own stirring words.

“Only half an hour before today’s episode, my family and friends had gathered to pray for Lebanon… We read Ezekiel 34:13 – the same verse that you just read. It is the Holy Spirit that united us both in Egypt and Lebanon to pray the same thing.”  

“We have no fear, for our future is in God’s hands…” she continues, “If everything seems dark now, we believe that He will shine His true light in the middle of darkness.”

At the end of her call, Samar adds her own prayer for Lebanon.

“Lord I ask that you come and bless all the people of Lebanon,” she prays. “Bless all those on the streets or in their homes. I pray for those in authority…. Come, Lord Jesus and put your peace in our hearts, so that we can love our enemies as you taught us. Teach us to love one another at this time and have tolerance for different opinions.”

Please join Samar in praying for the future of Lebanon.

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