In preparation for SAT-7 Egypt’s Christmas programming production, SAT-7 staff and guests prove that the Spirit of Christmas is within hearts despite practical difficulties.

Whilst waiting and preparing for Christmas holidays, tensions often run high. Many of us are rushing to meet deadlines, finish projects, and finalise Christmas shopping on time. Through this rush we may forget what the purpose of Christmas and the message of Christ’s birth is to love, appreciate, and support each other.

This is why it is important for SAT-7 to share real-life stories of people, young and old, who have lived through similar struggles and learned from them, to remind each other of Christ’s message.

The crew volunteered their time to create handmade decorations, staying until late hours to finish preparations for an impressive set

As SAT-7 ARABIC had to work with a limited budget producing a special broadcast named Christmas Stories, the team came together in a remarkable way. Due to a lack of funds for set-design, the film crew volunteered their time to create handmade decorations, staying until late hours to finish preparations for an impressive set.

The team showed that, as broadcasters of Christ’s message, we walk in the Spirit of Christ by living by what we teach.

“We wanted to create a joyful Christmas mood that inspires and relaxes our guests to enjoy the filming and get into the Christmas Spirit,” shares Producer Rafik George. “The limited budget forced us to think creatively and come up with practical solutions.”

Despite a looming deadline and filming all night in the cold weather, the crew were able to film six more episodes than anticipated.


Christmas Stories is a 22-episode program that features guests from different denominations sharing personal Christmas stories. This approach helps to further encourage appreciation for the diversity of Christ’s Church, finding common ground in the message of love and forgiveness that Jesus taught.

“The guests come from different backgrounds and include priests, comedians, and young presenters,” adds Rafik. “The stories emphasise Christian morals and values as they are inspired by biblical events.”

One of the presenters is comedian Asnat Awad. During one episode, she explains to viewers that Christmas is not just wishing someone good health or praying for them but demonstrating love through acts of kindness.

“Jesus spent His life on earth showing us how to love one another in a practical way, and not just in words,” Awad says. “He provided, He healed, He consoled, and He helped all those around Him.”


Each 10-minute episode focuses on a lesson such as faith, humility, and giving. Along with sharing their personal stories, each guest describes the lesson to be learned from them.

“The three Magi gave Jesus their best,” shares Coptic Orthodox Priest, Youhanna George. “They travelled far to meet baby Jesus and give Him precious gifts. Let’s learn from the Magi to give Jesus our best. He doesn’t want precious presents but wants us to give out of love.”

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