People across the Persian-speaking world are finding hope this Easter. Recognising that Jesus has restored their relationship with God through His sacrifice, they are being transformed, and are rebuilding their broken relationships.  

Drug addiction, abuse, betrayal, and disappointment all contribute to broken relationships in the Middle East and North Africa. However, at SAT-7, we are seeing wonderful changes happening in the region.   


Believers from Iran regularly contact SAT-7 PARS, requesting prayer for people with whom they have not always had a good relationship.  

These prayers are changing lives. 

“As I slowly started to forgive those whom I hadn’t been able to forgive in the past, I noticed that God was repairing my relationships with them,” explains Mona*, a viewer from Iran.  

Forgiving others for the pain they have caused is difficult, but asking forgiveness from those one has personally hurt can also be a painful process. Persian viewers, however, are humbling themselves and following Christ’s example.  

“I have decided to ask for forgiveness from those I have hurt in the past,” writes Sima*, also from Iran.  


Overcoming regional differences and conflicts, this attitude of love is going beyond the forgiveness of relatives and neighbours and is crossing borders.   

One SAT-7 PARS viewer contacted us and described how he and a group of Iranians washed the feet of Afghans, Arabs, Turks, and Jewish people to demonstrate that God’s love overcomes all differences 


“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:44is perhaps one of the most difficult commandments Jesus gave, but Persianspeaking believers are following in His footsteps. Praying for those who persecute them, Iranians are sending a powerful message to the world.    

One SAT-7 PARS viewer shared this prayer with us: 

Lord, we ask that every Iranian would come to know the truth… Touch the hearts of those who hold the reins of power in the country; grant them soft hearts and ears that hear. 


*Names have been changed for security purposes.

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