Many children call SAT-7 KIDS show, Family of Jesus, to ask for prayer for healing. And sometimes, they call back  sharing amazing testimonies of hope and health. Rosaline, from Sohag, Egypt, is one of these children. In a special interview, she shared her story of a life-threatening illness, a phone call, and a miracle.

Rosaline is an expressive teenager whose rare broad smile could light up a room. She contacted Family of Jesus with a strong desire to speak on “In Jesus’ heart”, a special testimony spot on the children’s worship show. As Rosaline and her parents spoke to the Presenter, it soon became clear why.

Rosaline and her parents shared their powerful story on a special episode of Family of Jesus.

When Rosaline first felt unwell, she was unconcerned. Her illness was a simple case of food poisoning, her family was told. But it was soon obvious something was seriously wrong, and the doctors gave her some devastating news. Both of Rosaline’s kidneys had failed.

The damage caused by the advanced kidney disease was irreversible. At 13 years old, Rosaline was told she faced a lifetime of dialysis. Her parents brought the teenager to hospital for exhausting, five-hour treatment sessions.

“She would walk into the hospital,” Rosaline’s father says. “But after the dialysis, she’d be so tired we would have to carry her home.” But after a month of dialysis, Rosaline was only becoming sicker. The doctors told her parents to prepare for the worst.

Presenters had previously prayed for Rosaline on the Family of Jesus show when she was sick.

All this time, Rosaline held on to hope.

“Mom cried, but I told her not to, because God’s timing is right,” she says. “I had faith in the Lord that He would heal me.” Meanwhile, Rosaline’s Christian family were praying for her.

Then, her Sunday School teacher, Mariam, called Family of Jesus to ask for prayer. The team prayed live on air, and that Sunday, Rosaline’s priest prayed for her at church, too. Three days later, something remarkable happened.


After a month of kidney failure, Rosaline was able to pass urine – for the first time in 23 days. In less than a week, her kidneys were functioning normally. Rosaline’s medical team were shocked. So, she says, was everyone else.

“Everyone who knew was surprised by this miracle, and they saw that God was at work. They glorified God,” Rosaline says.

Rosaline hopes her miraculous recovery will encourage viewers, just as it has helped her family to grow in faith. “God is the greatest physician,” her father says. “No matter what the illness, God can heal anything.”

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