Research Manager

Nicosia, Cyprus

Job Description

The Research Manager will direct and co-ordinate all research for SAT-7 world-wide but with special emphasis on the issues relating to the Middle East and North Africa. This research may occasionally be shared with other Christian broadcasters and ministries.

Operating from another office within the Middle East (e.g. from SAT-7’s Egypt or Lebanon Bureaux) can be considered after the initial 6 months on the job.


The Research Manager (RM) is appointed by the CEO and reports to the CEO. (In the absence of a CEO then the RM reports to the Operations Director).

The RM is responsible for supervision of research volunteer assistants.

Key responsibilities

  • In consultation with members of the International Management Team (IMT) to propose research activities with budgets and timelines to implement the SAT-7 research strategy and carry out such activities as and when approved
  • To supervise Research volunteers
  • To gather and process data on all aspects of broadcasting, Middle East churches and SAT-7 audiences or potential audiences (including but not limited to Attitude, Interests and Opinion (AIO) and felt-needs surveys, audience sizes and demographic studies, and the impact of specific channels or programs on viewing audiences, etc)
  • To gather and process information of all kinds using library sources and the Internet
  • To evaluate research done by others, including verifying the research and analysis methods used
  • To design (or supervise the design) of testing and evaluation materials, to evaluate all or any aspects of specific productions, broadcast or web-based distribution strategies, audience relations or other work
  • To develop, network and co-ordinate research activities with other ministries, churches and other agencies world-wide. Specifically, to liaise with InterSearch and other research consortiums that SAT-7 collaborates with in the implementation and on-going development of the SAT-7 research strategy
  • To draft funding proposals in support of the research activities of SAT-7 and for  the distribution of these to SAT-7 support offices as and when approved
  • To prepare briefing notes on specific countries or issues as requested by the CEO
  • To submit reports on research activities to management and board meetings
  • To undertake other tasks at the request of or as mutually agreed with the CEO

Personal and professional qualifications

  • Be wholly sympathetic with and enthusiastic about the purpose and goals of SAT‑7
  • Be a committed Christian with a truly interdenominational attitude and openness to increasing his/her knowledge and appreciation of Middle Eastern Christianity, in all its diversity
  • Have sensitivity to the multi-religious communities of North Africa and the Middle East, and to the political/cultural situation in the region
  • Must be fluent in both written and spoken English. A working knowledge of French, Arabic, Farsi or Turkish an advantage
  • Should have previous professional research experience
  • Must have good understanding of research techniques, statistical treatments and related subjects, including sample selection, question set construction, and the composition and psychology of focus groups
  • Must be a clear and analytical thinker with good, concise writing skills in English
  • Must have organizational, negotiating and administrative skills
  • Must be mobile; the job will involve some travelling
  • Knowledge of statistical testing methodologies an advantage


Nicosia, Cyprus

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