Prayer Items

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Tuesday Prayer

Tues. June 21

Swamp Program on SAT-7 PARS - As this series of programs tackles drug addiction in Iran, pray that youth will be motivated to overcome addiction, and that families will learn how to help them.  

Wednesday Prayer

Wed. June 22

Support from Faroe Island Children - Express thanks to God for the $30,000 USD raised for SAT-7 KIDS by Sunday School children of these islands.  

Prayer of the day

Fri. June 24

From a viewer in Tunisia - I cried when you sang Happy Birthday on air for my 21st birthday.  My family does not mark my birthday.  I watch you in secret on Facebook because my mother is hostile to my watching a Christian program.  Pray for my mother and me.  

Saturday Prayer

Sat. June 25

From a viewer in Egypt - Mr. Know has finally returned to the air.  My son is so happy.  Four months ago he got a baby sister.  Pray for them to grow up in the fear of the Lord.  

Sunday Prayer

Sun. June 26

Telegram Phone-to-Phone App for Iran - Praise God that over 3,000 people a day are accessing the Bible or contacting SAT-7 with this heavily encrypted application.  

Sunday Prayer

Thurs. June 26

Counseling Centers - Seek God's discernment and guidance for each person serving in viewer counseling centers in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, US and UK.  

Monday Prayer

Mon. June 27

Freedom - Ask God to work in miraculoous ways to bring expanded freedoms of religion and assembly to Christians and others in Middle Eastern and North African countries.