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How are you Rita? I am so happy that you have sent me an e-mail. Please pray for me and my sister. I am ill and my sister suffers from diseases both in her kidney and stomach. Please pray for us that may Jesus heals us and touches our hearts. Pray for our home and our financial situation. We love you so much. I watch your programs and I read the Holy Bible daily. (written to Rita, presenter of the show "Bedtime Stories".) A 12 year old Child from Syria

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NEWS FOR CHILDREN - July 22, 2016
With 150 million children under 17 living in the Middle East and North Africa, SAT-7 has always been committed to sharing God’s love with them just as it does with adults. As Sannabel (“Ears of Wheat”) was a 15-minute children’s segment in the channel’s first Arabic broadcast on 31 May 1996. Twenty years later, a spin-off program, As Sannabel News (or AS News) is the network’s longest running show, now on SAT-7 KIDS.